Tangle Angel Pro Hairbrush

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product details

Product and model name Tangle Angel Pro
Certifications/Permissions Not applicable
Country of manufacture (country of origin) Malaysia
Manufacturer (Importer) Tangle Angel / Humajor

300 g

5 reviews for Tangle Angel Pro Hairbrush

  1. Harper Mitchell (verified owner)

    Shipping time for free post shipping is about hour days the four key Safe packing with preferrably well has arrived. Use this but make you satisfied

  2. Evelyn Roberts (verified owner)

    so cute, it\\\\\\\’s small, but great, it smells good, I recommend

  3. Evelyn Roberts (verified owner)

    I order for the three time. Great product.

  4. Lydia (verified owner)

    Good Cleansing balm I bought it for 3rd tube now

  5. Adelyn (verified owner)


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